Past Conferences


Host/Organiser Selected Proceedings
1988 Gregynog,
University of Wales
Organiser: Maldwyn Mills
Romance in Medieval England, eds. Maldwyn Mills, Jennifer Fellows and Carol M. Meale (Cambridge: D S Brewer, 1991)
1990 University of York n/a
1992 University of Bristol
Organiser: Carol Meale
Readings in Medieval English Romance, ed. Carol M. Meale (Cambridge: D S Brewer, 1994)
1994 King Alfred’s College, Winchester
Organiser: John Simons
1996 Royal Holloway, University of London
Organiser: Rosalind Field
Tradition and Transformation in Medieval Romance, ed. Rosalind Field (Cambridge: D S Brewer, 1999)
1998 Robinson College, Cambridge
Organiser: Judith Weiss
Medieval Insular Romance: Translation and Innovation, eds. Judith Weiss, Jennifer
Fellows, Morgan Dickson (Cambridge: D S Brewer, 2000)
2000 University of Reading
Organisers: Phillipa Hardman and Françoise Le Saux
The Matter of Identity in Medieval Romance, ed. Phillipa Hardman (Cambridge: D S Brewer, 2002)
2002 University of Durham
Organiser: Corinne Saunders
Cultural Encounters in the Romance of Medieval England, ed. Corinne Saunders
(Cambridge: D S Brewer, 2005)
2004 University College Dublin
Organiser: Neil Cartlidge
Boundaries in Medieval Romance, ed. Neil Cartlidge (Cambridge: D S Brewer, 2006)
2006 University of York
Organiser: Nicola F. McDonald
The Exploitations of Medieval Romance, eds Laura Ashe, Ivana Djordjevic, Judith Weiss (Cambridge: D S Brewer, 2010)
2008 University of St Andrews
Organiser: Rhiannon
Medieval Romance, Medieval Contexts eds Rhiannon Purdie and Michael Cichon (Cambridge: D S Brewer, 2011)
2010 University College Cork, Ireland
Organiser: Ken Rooney
2012 St Hugh’s College, University
of Oxford
, 24-46 March 2012
Organiser: Nicholas
Medieval Romance and Material Culture ed. Nicholas Perkins (Cambridge: D S Brewer, 2015)
See also The Romance of Middle Ages website derived from the conference and associated exhibition of romance manuscripts at the Bodleian Library
2014 University of Bristol (11-13 April)
Organisers: Ad Putter and Judith Jefferson
The Transmission of Medieval Romance, eds. Ad Putter and Judith Jefferson (Cambridge: D S Brewer, 2018)
2016 University of British Columbia (17-19 Aug)
Organiser: Robert Rouse
2018 University of Cardiff (9-11 April) Organiser: Megan Leitch