The Romance in Medieval Britain, or Medieval Insular Romance conference series began in 1988 with a conference organised by Maldwyn Mills at Gregynog, University of Wales: it proved so popular that it has become a biennial event, even if no one has quite been able to settle on a title for the series. These conferences provide a lively forum for the discussion of medieval romances composed in any of the languages of the Britain and Ireland. The selected proceedings that have arisen from most meetings provide a useful benchmark of current trends and directions in the field. The focus of the conference series has traditionally been on non-Arthurian romance, since such texts tend to receive far less exposure than their Arthurian cousins, but Arthurian studies do occasionally slip in.

The next conference will be held at Strasbourg University, 9-11 April 2024, co-organised by Morgan Dickson and Fanny Moghaddassi.

Note to publishers: these conferences normally have a book display of recent publications in the field. Publishers are warmly encouraged to contact the conference organiser to arrange a bookstall or for samples and conference discount leaflets to be displayed. Authors of relevant books are likewise strongly encouraged to alert their publishers to this opportunity.

Many of the conferences in this series have resulted in a volume of selected proceedings published by Boydell & Brewer (Cambridge), latterly in their series Studies in Medieval Romance: see Past Conferences for list.